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Dentist in Chicago

Tooth colored fillings in Chicago

Are you looking for the right specialist to manage your cavity? Call our office at Family Care Dental Group to ensure that you have access to the dentist in Chicago that you need to repair and protect your precious pearly whites.

At Family Care Dental Group, we’re passionate about building and maintaining […]

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West Ridge Affordable Dentist

Affordable Dental Care in West Ridge

It is recommended that everyone, children and adults, have a complete dental examination and teeth cleaning every six months. Doing so is the very bedrock of promoting and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. In addition, treatments, preventive care, restorations, and even cosmetic procedures are something that every patient should be […]

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Dentist in Chicago Illinois

Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago Illinois

Do you want to improve the look of your smile? If so, you should visit us at our Family Care Dental Group. At our dental practice, our cosmetic dentist in Chicago Illinois, Dr. Mark Mkrdichian or Dr. Ashor Elia, will be able to provide you with cosmetic dentistry care to give […]

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Teeth Whitening in West Ridge

Common Causes of Teeth Stains

If you have unattractive teeth stains despite practicing good oral hygiene, you’re not alone. There are many common reasons for tooth stains and discoloration that have nothing to do with your oral hygiene regimen. Fortunately, teeth whitening in West Ridge is easy to do when you see a professional dentist like […]

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Dental Implants in Chicago

Tooth loss in Chicago

Tooth loss can be caused by many different factors. However, no matter what the cause, tooth loss can be devastating. If you’re dealing with tooth loss, you owe it to yourself to consult with an experienced dentist like ours at Family Care Dental Group to discuss the possibility of getting dental implants […]

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West Ridge Best Dentist

Dental plaque in West Ridge

If you want to make sure that your teeth and gums remain healthy, you will want to keep your teeth as plaque-free as possible. At Family Care Dental Group, our West Ridge best dentist, just one of whom is Dr. Mark Mkrdichian, can provide you with dental exams, and you can […]

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Cosmetic Dentist in West Ridge

Smile Makeovers in West Ridge

It seems like every season we are caught up in the newest trends and styles and want to make sure we are in a constant state of make over. Whether it’s our hair or closes or even the tools and technology we use to carry out the tasks of our day […]

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West Ridge Affordable Dentist

Affordable Dental Care in West Ridge

If you are looking for an excellent and affordable dentist who provides complete dental care for the entire family, then you will want to become a member of our dental practice, Family Care Dental Group. Our West Ridge affordable dentist, just one of whom is Dr. Mark Mkrdichian, will provide […]

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Implant Dentist in Rogers Park

Cosmetic Dentist, Implants in Rogers Park

If stained, discolored, or darkened teeth are cluttering up your smile, don’t fret; reach out to your community dentist at Family Care Dental Group and ask about an Implant dentist in Rogers Park. One phone call could set you on the path towards a radiant, stain-free smile!

At Family Care Dental […]

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Dental Implants in Chicago Illinois

Tooth Loss in Chicago Illinois

Many older adults suffer from tooth loss as they continue to age, but people may also lose teeth because of dental health problems, injuries, and more. If you lose teeth for any reason, it is important that you discuss your treatment options with a dental professional as soon as possible. Living […]

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