It’s not every doctor who hangs Epictetus quotes where you’d normally see the “Hang in there!” kitten. It’s a bit presumptive, but Dr. Mark lives up to a pretty high standard.

Dr. Mark is a craftsman. You don’t meet a lot of craftsmen these days – the guys who are really good at what they do, really into it, who really take pride in it. But that’s Dr. Mark and his dentistry.

I had a bit if reconstructive work done on a chipped tooth as a teen, and on the first visit, Dr. Mark admired the work and wanted to know who had done it. He was genuinely interested. The craft matters to this guy.

I was there to have a wisdom tooth removed. It was a snarly deal, with an extra root and twisted through the bone. He worked it out in the x-rays, came up with a strategy for cracking the thing, and got it out in just a couple pieces. It was barely sore afterward, and I didn’t need stitches. The same guy who does my cleanings was able to deal with something that would normally get you sent to a dental surgeon.

The best part was the shit-eating grin Dr. Mark had when he got the tooth out, and showed it to me in his hand. He pulled out the x-rays and explained why it had been such a cool challenge, then he had to call his assistant over to boast and share his triumph. This guy loves his work.

With a couple cavity fillings, Dr. Mark used very small, targeted shots. They didn’t hurt much at all, and I wasn’t left with the side of my mouth numb. This guy understands nerves.

He’s also a detail guy. After doing a filling, he goes through a lot of asking you to bite down on some carbon paper, checking to see that the teeth are coming together neatly – no bit of filling pushing against the matching tooth so your bite doesn’t feel different for a few weeks after. He repeats it over and over, grinding it down just a little until you’re satisfied that it feels natural again. That’s a welcome, extra touch I hadn’t had in the past.

He’s friendly as well, as is his beautiful assistant and receptionist. If I had to stretch to find anything wrong with the place, it’s just that the waiting room chairs are cheap library chairs, and not at all comfortable. It’s a small price to pay for a dentist I don’t dread, though.

I’m leaving the Chicago area this week, headed for San Francisco. I got to thinking of the things I’d miss the most about the place, and it’s odd to have the dentist come up. But there you have it. Dr. Mark’s way up there.

If you give Dr. Mark a try, tell him Brian, “the huge guy” said hi. He’ll treat you right.

Brian M.
I cannot say enough GREAT things about this dental office, the staff, and my dentist, Dr. Mark. As a new patient a couple of years ago, Dr. Mark made me feel comfortable and ensured me he’d take good care of me after leaving my previous dentist of many years. He’s done exactly what he’s promised every single time I’ve seen him since then. The staff has gone out of their way to accommodate my needs. They’re all very friendly, helpful, and extremely professional. The office itself was recently renovated and is always in clean and tidy condition.

My mom and friends are now his patients as well and they all couldn’t be happier to have found the best dentist they’ve ever been to!

Tina A.
We’ve found our dentist for life! Seriously such a great experience with Dr. Mark and his entire staff. They are personable, easy to talk to and very wise about the whole field. I had a bad crown done several years ago and he explained the best course of action, made sure I was ok with it and proceeded with a painless removal of the crown and fitting of a new temporary. My mouth hasn’t felt this great in years.

The facilities are all brand new as they just updated them and every room has a big screen TV where you can watch whatever (and they’ll ask you what you want too!) And if X-rays are taken they will display those on the screen for you to see as well.

FCDG definitely brings you in on the whole experience so even though you have no idea about dental things you feel a little bit smarter when you leave.

I have to also say the receptionist was awesome. When I walked in it sounded like she was dealing with a difficult client on the phone and she was the picture of kind professionalism and apologized and explained graciously to the client several time. Really the best bang for your buck here folks!

Alyssa M.
I never thought I would enjoy going to the dentist until my wife and I started to see Dr. Mark and his team. After an initial evaluation, everything was fully explained to us before work began. I had a cavity and a root canal on my to do list. A few appointments later… good as new. No pain, and I couldn’t even tell I had anything done when I looked at my teeth in a mirror.

Dr. Mark is extremely professional, but personable at the same time. His office sports some of the best looking equipment I’ve ever seen in a dentist’s office and the decor is beautiful.

Our dentist search is over.

Ham M.