A dental crown or bridge is placed over an existing tooth or teeth that cannot be repaired with a resin composite filling due to a weakened structure, large existing fillings, or teeth that have had root canal treatment done.

Dental crowns and bridges are extremely durable, strong and mimic real teeth because they are made with high quality porcelain layered over Zirconium. Dental crowns and bridges not only help with correcting issues related to chewing, but they also help to improve self esteem and confidence in individuals who are uncomfortable about the appearance of missing teeth.

Crowns And Bridges

Benefits of Dental Crowns

• Support teeth that have been weakened by decay
• Protect teeth that are worn out due to heavy grinding
• Replace large fillings
• Protect teeth after a root canal treatment
• Repair a cracked or broken tooth
• Cover a dental implant

Crowns and Bridges

Benefits of Dental Bridges

• Replaces missing teeth
• Restores the function of your teeth to be able to chew and speak properly
• Prevents teeth from shifting
• Bridges are permanently fixed and do not move or shift