Preventive care, which begins at home, is continued effectively here at Family Care Dental Group with twice-yearly teeth cleanings by our Niles dentist. This simple, non-invasive, comfortable process plays an important role in keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

The purpose of preventive care is to deal with the effects of dental plaque, the film-like bacteria that grows on and between your teeth, and also at the gum line. Although you cannot see it, plaque is working to decay your tooth enamel and to irritate and redden your gums. Your first defense against is to brush your teeth when you wake up each day. That unpleasant sensation that is popularly called morning breath, and which makes it feel like you have a coating on your teeth, is the direct evidence of plaque that developed while you slept. It is essential to remove it. You also should brush again before going to bed, combined with vigorous flossing, so that you remove the food particles and remnants of sugar and starch that feed the formation of plaque. And if you could be sure that you got 100% of the plaque that way, you would not need a teeth cleaning at all. Unfortunately, plaque is sneaky, often hiding in gum pockets and other out of reach areas. It will then harden into tartar, which cannot be efficiently removed with at-home oral hygiene. Your teeth cleaning at our office will eradicate any existing plaque and tartar. And a dental exam with our Niles dentist will reveal any effects of plaque and tartar, in the form of cavities, leading to prompt action. A cavity filled today will not be able to grow larger and put you at risk for an infection, root canal, or maybe a tooth extraction.

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