Common Causes of Teeth Stains

Teeth Whitening in West Ridge

Teeth Whitening in West Ridge

If you have unattractive teeth stains despite practicing good oral hygiene, you’re not alone. There are many common reasons for tooth stains and discoloration that have nothing to do with your oral hygiene regimen. Fortunately, teeth whitening in West Ridge is easy to do when you see a professional dentist like ours at Family Care Dental Group.

If you’re very consistent with caring for your teeth, you might be a bit frustrated and may wonder how in the world you could possibly have any teeth stains at all. Surprisingly, despite the excellent oral hygiene regimen and regular trips to your dental office, you may be unintentionally contributing to your stained teeth by doing normal, everyday activities. There are many common everyday activities that people typically do that make it almost impossible to avoid getting teeth stains. Some of these activities include: drinking certain beverages, such as wine, coffee and tea; smoking cigarettes, and taking certain types of medications. There are also some contributing factors for teeth stains and teeth discoloration that are unavoidable such as: the normal aging process, genetics and certain medical conditions. Other common caused of teeth stains include: certain dental materials (used in certain procedures) and teeth injuries and trauma. Amalgam restorations can potentially leave a gray-black color on the teeth, consequently causing teeth discoloration. Trauma to a tooth or teeth can also cause discoloration. Because there are so many potential causes that store-bought products might not be able to address, it’s much safer to see a dentist for a professional teeth-whitening procedure as opposed to randomly choosing an over-the-counter teeth-whitening product and attempting to do it by yourself. The teeth-whitening treatment a professional dentist like ours at Family Care Dental Group recommends will be determined based on very important factors such as your oral and general health, your medical history, the cause of your teeth discoloration and your cosmetic goals.

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