TMJ treatments in West Ridge

If you have pain in or around your jaws, you may need our TMJ treatments here at Family Care Dental Group. Diagnosis and evaluation will lead to our West Ridge TMJ dentist determining the most appropriate way to address the problem and give you back normal jaw function.

The TMJ is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. Ordinarily, you can count on it to operate without any difficulties, and you probably give little thought to how it works unless there are challenges that are interfering with it working. For example, in addition to pain that in some cases can extended all the way up to your ears, you may notice clicking or other sounds. You jaws might lock up when you move them up and down, or side to side. When you come in to see our West Ridge TMJ dentist, you will be asked about relevant medical history and imaging is taken to get a good look at what is going on. It may be arthritis, disk erosion, or a recent accident or injury that is responsible for your jaw issues. It is important to be conclusive about it being TMJ disorder, since symptoms can often overlap with other possible concerns. In mild cases, it may be best to let the situation resolve on its own, but it is quite often necessary to take direct action. Among the options that could be put into action on your behalf are muscle relaxers, sedatives, nightguards, physical therapy, exercises, and even surgery in more stubborn or severe instances.

We urge you to not ignore the situation. It is always best to get the attention of an expert, so please reach out to our office so that we can book an appointment for you to see our West Ridge TMJ dentist soon.

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