Dental Implants in Northside Chicago

Northside Chicago Implant Dentistry

Northside Chicago Implant Dentistry

When you have a missing tooth, or even multiple missing teeth, it can cause your other teeth on that jaw to shift. The result can be discomfort and it may end up throwing your bite out of alignment, too. If the tooth in question is a back one, your ability to chew efficiently and therefor digest efficiently may become compromised. But perhaps the most common reason that you may seek out our Northside Chicago implant dentistry is cosmetic in nature. Having missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious when you smile or open your mouth for any reason. We at Family Care Dental Group are pleased to offer the state-of-the-art when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

The process of getting dental implants starts with a consultation and examination. Most people can qualify for getting implants, but it requires that your gums are healthy and that your jawbone is strong and thick enough to support the implant securely. However, bone grafting can be done to correct that problem and still allow you to benefit from our Northside Chicago implant dentistry. The first step is the placement of a cylindrical titanium post into your jaw bone. Over the next few months, your bone tissue will grow around it and fuse with the post. One or more support pieces may be added as needed before the final portion, a tooth-colored crown, is put on top and then cemented to the post. The result is a replacement tooth that looks and feels like a natural one.

Our Northside Chicago implant dentistry has advantages over more traditional options such as fixed bridges and partial dentures. For one thing, the post effectively does the job of your former tooth’s root. Not only does that make for a strong and reliable tooth foundation, but it preserves your normal facial contours and prevents essential bone and gum tissue from atrophying. An implant does not affect your other teeth, nor does it require the use of messy adhesive to hold it in place. You will be able to speak, laugh, and eat with full confidence. Dental implants can even form the base of dentures, especially lower ones, giving you the best of both restorations.

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