Dental implants in West Ridge

Dental implants allow you to have replacements for any tooth that is missing from your smile, with a look and feel that is so natural, you may end up forgetting that you have an implant at all. Better still, it will act like a natural tooth, since it is built to have a similar construction to one. At Family Care Dental Group, we are pleased to off this wonderful alternative to fixed bridges and removable dentures.

Empty space where a tooth used to be makes you feel self-conscious, especially if that tooth is one that showed when you smile. If it’s a back tooth, your chewing is affected. Your other teeth might end up shifting, which leads to discomfort and a misaligned bite (occlusion). Our West Ridge dental implants make things simple. First you are tested to make certain that you’re a good candidate. The main concern is that your jaw structure must be sufficiently strong to grow around the post (a replacement root) and fuse with it, which is key to the success of our West Ridge dental implants. A bone grafting procedure can be done if your bone tissue does not test up to the necessary standards. The post is made of titanium, and after the few months that is taken to allow for fusion with your jaw, it becomes a 100% dependable foundation for the tooth potion of the implant, which is a crown. The dental lab makes the crown from impressions taken at our office, and it is then cemented to the post. With proper care, there is good reason to believe you will get a lifetime of use out of your new tooth.

Why continue having an incomplete set of teeth? Set up an appointment at our office by calling us right now. Soon, you will have one of our West Ridge dental implants to give you back your full smile.

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