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West Ridge Best Dentist

West Ridge Best Dentist

Dental cleanings are a key component of an overall strategy designed to maintain healthy teeth and gums. You should have one every six months here at Family Care Dental Group. Periodontal cleanings are a deeper type of cleaning and are only done when your gums have succumbed to the effects of advanced gum disease. For the most part, having a twice per year dental cleaning is the best way to assure that you will not need a periodontal cleaning.

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. The signs are typically mild, such as redness and irritation. Sometimes, you may be unaware of the presence of gingivitis, and it will be diagnosed during a visit with our West Ridge best dentist for a six month checkup. The good news is that dental cleanings put the brakes on the effects of gingivitis, reversing it and ensuring that you don’t experience the advanced stage of gum disease, periodontitis. Symptoms that you might experience include receding gums, bleeding while brushing, and persistent bad breath. It is at this point that our West Ridge best dentist will suggest a periodontal cleaning. Without prompt care, inflammation and infection may lead to the loss of crucial gum and bone tissue, and even loose teeth. A periodontal cleaning might be the only thing standing between you and gum surgery. After you’ve had a periodontal cleaning, you should notice that your gums are steadily returning to their natural vibrancy and color. And from that point on, committing to a dental cleaning every six months is the best maintenance.

The bottom line is that your gums are vital to your oral health. Your teeth cannot remain strong without them. So give them the attention they deserve by scheduling your next dental cleaning. Call our office right now and we will book a time for you to come in.

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